Nicky Onslow

AGE: 41


PB: 49lb 10oz

EURO PB: 63lb

FAVOURITE VENUE: Waltamstow reservoirs

FAVOURITE BAIT: Richworth frozen tutti-frutti

FAVOURITE RIG: The Lamppost rig

INTERESTS: Angling and Football (Westham)


FAVOURITE MUSIC: Jungle / Drum and Base

DISLIKES: Full-time anglers



I have just turned 41 years old, so by my calculations I have been carp fishing for almost 30 years. I have had many highs as well as lows during this time. My dad was the instigator in this obsession of mine, he regularly took me to small club waters and it wasn’t long until I was hooked. I caught plenty of small fish in the early days and with a few years of practice I will never forget catching my very first double figured Mirror carp weighing in at 15lb. I could not believe how big it was, back then it seemed like a monster of a fish.

As the years went by and my experience grew along with my ambitions, I was continually looking for bigger and better. My dad, yet again, introduced me to a new lake called Layer Pit in Colchester which is where my new PB was set at 24lb. Just after leaving school I managed to get a job which was fishing friendly as I was always finished work early afternoon which allowed me to fish most evenings and weekends, once I passed my driving test there was no stopping me. With my new found freedom I fell in love with Walthamstow Reservoirs which became my second home. To cut the story short I managed to catch most of the big fish including a common of 43lb, and the biggest mirror was 39.4lb.
I was being sponsored by well-known fishing companies and contributing articles to Carp Talk magazines and various other ones.

As all things come to an end, I took a break from fishing as it did manage to overtake my life. After a short break it was not long until the urge came back to fish again. I was offered a ticket on a non-publicity water which I was delighted to take up. This is where I caught some of my biggest ever fish, to just under 50lb. In the last 18 months I have been a have been a member of the Pro Team at Ridgemonkey while also supporting the Bait Asylum which are a bait company based in Essex. Things have been going really well and I have caught some of my target fish including the Bulldozer from Golden Gates which weighed in at 41lb and I have also been successful on another syndicate called Spellbrook where I have caught fish to 39lb, despite now fishing a lot less due to the usual life commitments and limited free time.