James Blake

AGE: 34


PB: 54lb 8oz

EURO PB: 62lb 3oz

FAVOURITE VENUE: Wellington County Park

FAVOURITE BAIT: Mainlines Link, hooked on baits particle

FAVOURITE RIG: Fluorocarbon combi link

INTERESTS: Fishing, Family, Boxing and UFC

INFLUENCES: A close friend Cliff Burgess, a carp angler since 1972 and his passion and knowledge for carp fishing is unbelievable


DISLIKES: Big egos in carp fishing. Its meant to be enjoyable



I have been carp fishing for best part of 25 years now and cannot see it ever changing. I just love everything that goes with being out on the bank, the fresh air, the early mornings, the late evenings, the wildlife and obviously the carp.

Over the years i have angled on many different waters in England, from the big gravel pits in the Lea valley to circuit waters in Essex such as the Manor and more recently the Dell. All have their own special features and equally special people and i have enjoyed the fishing on all.

My most recent adventure has seen me leaving the comfort of local waters and driving 90 odd miles to fish the rather special Wellington Country park. I only started my campaign in June but am already falling in love with the place.

I have only started going abroad to carp fish in the last four to five years but have found a place that ticks all the boxes for me, the lake is Etang du la horre, a 260acre nature reserve. Its not for the faint hearted and certainly isnt a holiday venue but its absolutely epic.

Outside of fishing i enjoy spending time with my family.

For work i am a pest control technician by trade but run a small team of guys servicing the corporate banking sites across central London.