Dave Levy

AGE: 45

LOCATION: Wickford, Essex

PB: 59lb 8oz

EURO PB: 88lb 2oz

FAVOURITE VENUE: Wraysbury 1 North

FAVOURITE BAIT: Mainline The Cell


INTERESTS: Gym and boxing

INFLUENCES: Richies Mac, Richard Walker…

FAVOURITE MUSIC: Bob Marley, Gun’s N Roses…

DISLIKES: Busy lakes and ego’s



I’ve been a carp angler for 35 years in witch time I’ve seen a lot of changes.

A lot of my fishing revolves around fishing for a carp I like the look of but weight will play a part it the reasons for wanting to catch a certain fish as well.

Carp fishing to me is more than just a pass time or a hobby, it’s a life long obsession that takes over much of my time but I try to balance this with my home life and other interests, Often its very one sided.