MAX COTTIS: An Introduction to Ridgemonkey and the RM-Tec Range

Who is Max Cottis, and why is he pivotal in the development of the RM-Tec end tackle range?

Max first hit the headlines from the banks of Lac de St Cassien back in 1985 when he became the first English angler to land a 60lb+ carp and has been consistently catching huge fish both home and abroad ever since. Recently inducted into the Carp Talk Hall of Fame, the former Fox International and ACE director has been at the forefront of carp tackle development for over three decades and brings an enormous amount of experience in all aspects of the recreational angling industry.‍

About his appointment, Max quoted “When the opportunity to join RidgeMonkey came along, I simply couldn’t turn it down. With my attention to detail and love of product design, the opportunity to work with the other talented RidgeMonkey Pro anglers with the development of their new terminal tackle was just too tempting! The future is very exciting and I’m very pleased to be part of it!”‍

Ever the gentleman, Max has been working with us ‘behind the scenes’ for over a year and has proven to be a huge asset as we expand the RM-Tec end tackle range. His experience and knowledge of the equipment required by anglers of all abilities will go hand in hand with his intimate knowledge of the manufacturing industry to ensure only the very best products make it into the final RM-Tec range.

Watch the video below to find out more!!