Just for the record part 2

After DREAM | BELIEVE | ACHIEVE – Just for the record Part 1 was met with such positivity we are pleased to announce that Part 2 at the famous Euro Aqua is now Live. The RidgeMonkey team spent 7 days at the highly regarded Hungarian venue in an attempt to catch a new world record carp, and as you can imagine it is an adrenaline fuelled social like no other !!


During this production the RidgeMonkey team continue their 2500+ mile carp fishing adventure, trekking across Europe to the famous (some may say infamous) Euro Aqua in the Nemesvita region of Hungary. Joined by Elaine & Debbie Taylor, the crew experienced a week of fishing that was truly out of this world – with a new record carp firmly in their sights, no fewer than FIVE fish over the 70lb mark were banked during their week at the Hungarian super-water. Sit back, relax and enjoy the trial, tribulations and celebrations that followed!!