RM-Tec Braided Mainline:

A sinking braid perfect for fishing at distance or in snaggy situations, the RM-Tec Braided Mainline features a super low diameter, near-zero stretch and extremely high abrasion resistance. Blending the correct materials has resulted in a brilliant sinking braid which will cast well, hug the bottom contours and withstand the rigours of fishing in heavy weed or snags. The almost complete lack of stretch offers instant bite indication even at extreme range and an amplified “donk” when feeling down the lead, a vital edge in the modern carp angler’s armoury. Previously only available on 300m spools, the new 1200m variant offers even more options to the discerning braid user and is available to purchase immediately.

  • Available in 0.28mm (20lb/9.1kg) and 0.35mm (30lb/13.6kg)
  • 300m spool RRP: £24.99 / €29.99
  • 1200m spool RRP: £89.99 / €109.99
  • Contact your local stockist now to avoid disappointment!!