New Additions to the RM-Tec Range: COMING SOON!

In order to ensure the Rm-Tec range has every component needed by the modern day carp angler, we are pleased to announce the latest three additions to join the ever growing stable are, Hook Ring Stops, Hook Ring Bait Screws and Mini Hook Ring Swivels. Each item has been extensively tested to ensure superior quality and offers a wide range of applications across the most popular rigs used today!

Hook Ring Stops
Perfect for creating Ronnie and Anti-Eject Sliding Ring rigs, the rubber hardness ensures that these translucent smoke hook stops will not slip during the cast yet will slide easily on the hook ensuring they do not impede hook penetration during a take. Available in large for hook sizes 1-4 & small for hook sizes 6-10.

Hook Ring Bait Screws
A small plastic screw with wide base and integral miniature ring swivel, perfect for mounting a wide variety of hookbaits in just a few seconds. The ring swivel creates 360 degree movement to ensure maximum hooking efficiency with number of rigs.

Mini Hook Ring Swivel
A miniature flexi ring swivel with a wide variety of applications, a perfect hookbait mount for Chod, blowback and D-rigs. High quality brass, round profile ring swivel with an anti-glare finish.