RRP £19.99 / £20.99 - €24,99 / €25,99 (inc VAT)

Product Features
  • Streamlined ‘float first’ solution
  • Simple one-step set-up process
  • Unique double-barrelled ball bearing swivel
  • Perfectly streamlined body
  • Magnetic locking mechanism
  • Patented Zyggo concept is the first of its kind
  • Precision engineered
  • Gives you the ability to fish up to, and over, 100m
  • Tangles are almost completely eliminated
  • Available in Medium (3oz) and Large (4oz)

Change your outlook on adjustable zig fishing and take your angling to the next level with our precision engineered Zyggo.

The patented Zyggo concept is the first of its kind.

The groundbreaking all-in-one design features a perfectly streamlined body, magnetic locking mechanism and unique double-barrelled ball bearing swivel to ensure that tangles are almost completely eliminated.

Upon impact with the water, the precision calibrated magnets disengage the float and your bait can be set to the desired depth, full of confidence that your rig is perfectly presented.

With its streamlined ‘float first’ solution and simple one-step set-up process, the Zyggo allows you to use adjustable zig rigs easily, effectively and with complete confidence at any range.

Product Specification