Night Fishing Essentials – What Do You Need? | Top 10 Items | UK Carp Fishing

Winter is coming… (If you know, you know 😉) so if you’re thinking ‘what should I pack for a night fishing trip?’, we’ve got you covered. 

We’ve compiled a list of the items we believe to be essential for those long, dark, cold overnighters that we all know and love. Take it from us… You won’t regret copping yourselves some of these.


  1. EscAPE Bivvy

Number one on our list is of course, your bivvy. 

The EscAPE Bivvy range offers perfect protection from the elements. Sporting super-fast erection (stop smirking) and pack down speeds, you won’t be left standing in the cold for long. Plus, our bivvies come equipped with a removable flysheet that keeps condensation at bay. The flysheet will also extend beyond the back of the bivvy giving you some outdoor storage space and more indoor space to hide from the cold





  1. Bivvy Lites Bivvy Lite

Our Bivvy Lites can last up to 180 hours on one charge so even when the hours of darkness seem endless, we’ve got you covered. They also feature magnetic fittings and a backing plate so you can attach it to any bivvy, brolly, awning or tent. What’s not to love?







  1. VRH Headtorch

Introducing the VRH150 and VRH300 Headtorches… When the sun goes down, you’re going to need some hands-free lighting so you can keep chasing those carp. With a battery life that lasts up to 90 hours, these headtorches will keep your swim lit all through the night. They also feature a green beam option as the human eye is more receptive to green light so you’ll retain great night vision AND illumination clarity. The more you know, eh?







  1. Vault C-Smart Wireless Power Pack Vault Power Pack

With all these gadgets you’re going to need something to keep them all charged up. Our Vault Power Packs whack out enough power to keep you all charged up for your trip. Plenty of battery life for that Netflix marathon. Available in 3 different sizes, they cater for both long and short stays.







  1. Quad Pro Stove Quad Stove


At some point on your trip you’re definitely going to warm yourself up with some hot food and drink. The Quad Stove Pro range provides compact, portable, easily stored stoves that can belt out that heat that we’ll all be craving this winter. The Quad Pro Mini is perfect for those short stays on the bank when you’re scaling down and packing light.





  1. Kettle Square Kettle

Who doesn’t love a bankside brew? Sometimes a nice warm cuppa’ is just what you need after a long day catching some carp, or not catching… we’ve all been there. Our Square Kettles are the perfect compact companion for your brew making as their square shape allows for easy, space saving storage. Pair this with your Quad Pro Stove and you’ve got yourself a winning Winter night fishing combo.






  1. ThermoMug DLX Brew Set ThermoMug

You’ve got your stove, you’ve got your kettle, you’ve got your drink… Now you need something to put your drink in. Step in the ThermoMug DLX Brew Set… Featuring a double walled insulation mug, your drink is assured to stay warm for as long as you need. On top of this, the Brew Set is equipped with three watertight containers that all fit snug inside the ThermoMug, giving you a perfect way to store your tea, coffee and sugar.





  1. Connect Compact Sandwich Toaster Sandwich Toaster

Now your drinks are sorted, you’re going to need some food and our Connect Compact Sandwich Toaster is calling your name. Whether it’s a midnight snack or a full meal, our Toaster can handle anything you throw at it. As well, the compact design and removable handles make it easy to store and transport.







  1. Armoury TackleboxArmoury Tacklebox


When you’re out on the bank this winter, you’re probably going to want to do some fishing at some point. So why not equip yourself with an Armoury Tacklebox, the only all-in-one tackle box on the market. For those short winter sessions, you’re going to want to save as much space as possible for all the extra warm layers you’ll be taking. So why not stick all your tackle in one neatly organised place?





  1. K2XP Waterproof CoatK2XP Coat

It’s a coat, it’s warm, it’s waterproof, it’s windproof. Enough said.

Oh, and it comes in some nice colours.


So, there you have it… Our list of overnight essentials for your cold night fishing sessions on the bank.

Which ones will you be treating yourself to?