Just for the Record (part 1)

DREAM | BELIEVE | ACHIEVE – Just for the Record (part 1)

During this 2500+ mile adventure the team once again trek across Europe, commencing with a week at the fabulous Parco Del Brenta in Italy and then travelling onto Hungary’s Euro Aqua for another 7 days in an attempt to catch a new world record carp!!

To say the trip was action packed and carp fuelled would be a huge understatement so much so we have had two spit the two venues into two separate productions.

Part one follows the team as they tackle the prolific Italian Venue Parco Del Brenta which was designed as a warm up before heading onto Hungary to angle for world record sized leviathans, little did we know the action was going to be thick and fast from the word go!

With such furious action throughout the trip, the finished production highlights the shear volume of big carp landed making for a monstrous montage of awe inspiring carp!

Sit back, relax and enjoy!