Joe Turnbull

Name: @Joe_turnbull69

Hometown: Dunmow, Essex

UK PB: 44lb

Euro PB: 55lb

Favourite Rig: Hinged Stiff

Interests: Making bait, writing, singing

Favourite RidgeMonkey Product: Ape-X Beaked Point Hooks 

Party trick: Can turn my tongue upside down

Nickname: JT

  • Joe Turnbull Carp Fishing
  • Joe Turnbull Carp Fishing
  • Joe Turnbull Carp Fishing
  • Joe Turnbull Carp Fishing



I’ve been fishing since the late 80’s early 90’s. I’ve fished for many species in my time but found a real love for carp angling not long after I’d caught most other species. I fish for carp all through the year and rarely get swayed into fishing for anything else. I’ve fished abroad, mainly in France but have experienced some big game fishing in Mauritius many years ago. In 2004 I got myself into the trade by landing myself a monthly job writing for Carpworld magazine which was aimed at bait in all its guises. This entailed taking photos, on site features and liaising with many other people in the trade. I now fish at many different venues up and down the country which I love as it keeps me in touch with the ever changing face of carp angling. Catching big carp is everything to me and constantly tweaking things in order the keep catching them is what keeps me consistent. I live, eat and sleep carp fishing not only for the buzz of the catch but being outdoors is what I love just as much. Long may it continue.