4 care tips to make your RidgeMonkey Granite Edition Pans last longer

If you thought our pans were good before, they just got even better. Introducing the brand new RidgeMonkey Granite Edition Pans – the ultimate new addition to your cookware range.

Our all-new granite-style coating makes our pans tougher, more durable, and offers improved non-stick properties, taking compact cookware to a whole new level.

The PTFE non-stick coating provides a superior surface that requires less cooking oil, is easier to clean
and holds its non-stick properties for even longer.

RidgeMonkey Granite Edition Pans

The Granite Edition Connect pans feature removable cool-touch handles with a new design, made from an updated super strong and robust material, as well as a newly redesigned button mechanism.

The pans are perfect for camping, fishing trips, motorhomes, or for using on the hob at home*.

To ensure that your pans and their non-stick coating last as long as possible, here are some care tips:

1.)   Keep metal utensils and cutlery away from your pans (!)

When cooking in your pan, make sure to only use silicone or plastic utensils. Metal utensils will scratch the pan and will ultimately lead to the superior non-stick coating breaking down quicker than it should.

Both our Classic Sandwich Toaster and Connect Sandwich Toaster (in both sizes) come supplied with a set of utensils that fit inside your pan, helping to ensure that you’ve always got the right utensils with you.

As well as using the right utensils when cooking and preparing your food, make sure to serve your food onto a plate, rather than eating out of the pan, to prevent your cutlery from scratching the coating.

2.)   Use warm soapy water and a soft sponge

When cleaning your pans make sure to avoid using abrasive cleaning agents or sponges such as scouring pads as this will deteriorate your coating. Use warm soapy water and a soft sponge to soften any debris, if you have any burnt-on food make sure to soak this for 30 minutes to soften it. Soaking the pan will then allow you to wash it off gently with a soft sponge.

3.)   Avoid frequent dishwasher use

Although our pans are dishwasher safe, the abrasive chemicals will shorten the lifespan of any non-stick pan and contribute towards the coating deteriorating. We always recommend that you hand wash your pans whenever possible.

4.)   Dry thoroughly after each use

After using and cleaning your pans using the guidance mentioned above, we recommend that you thoroughly dry your pans with a soft cloth after each use. This helps to ensure that no water droplets are left behind that could cause mould or discolour the pan over time.

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