James Blake

INSTAGRAM: @jamesblakeblakington

HOMETOWN: Romford, Essex

UK PB: 58lb

EURO PB: 69lb

FAVOURITE VENUE: Etang Des Moulinots & Essex Manor

FAVOURITE RIG: Fluorocarbon Combi Link

INTERESTS: Boxing, UFC and obviously fishing

FAVOURITE RIDGEMONKEY PRODUCT: Ape-X Curve Hooks & Advanced Boilie Crusher


I have been fishing since I was 5 years old, going to the local lakes with my dad fishing for anything that would hang itself. 

I started carp fishing from the age of 12 and was lucky enough to be bought a ticket on the Essex Manor in 1997 and also had a ticket for the North Met Pit in the Lea Valley. 

Since those early days on the Manor, I have been back on at least three occasions and managed to catch a few nice ones along the way. I have also travelled around a bit more recently fishing places like Wellington Country Park and some of the BCAC events around the country.

I currently have a real taste for more European fishing and have three trips booked up for next year at Lac Du Der. I also fancy another go on the Essex Manor for some of the new ones that swim in its depths as well as some of the older special ones.