RM-Tec QC Rotator Swivels
and Sleeves COMING SOON!

The impressive RM-Tec range is set to grow with the vital components used to tie the extremely versatile and super effective Rotator rig, which has already accounted to fish in excess of 78lb!

The Ronnie Rig, the Spinner Rig, whatever you call it, there is no denying it is the in vogue pop-up presentation accounting for infinite fish both the UK and World Wide!

So why have we called it the Rotator Rig, we hear you say?

As well as making the rig easy to tie, quick to change components and making an efficient hooking angle, the main principle is to aid in the rotation of the presentation, and that is where the name came from.

The reason this presentation has been so effective is the maneuverability, no matter where the carp approach it from, they can get hooked, rotation is key and so the Rotator was born.