RM-Tec Spod & Marker Braid:

We’re pleased to announce that the RidgeMonkey Spod & Marker Braid is now available to purchase from RM-Tec stockists nationwide!! A super tough braided mainline developed specifically for spod and marker work – featuring a low diameter, zero stretch and excellent casting qualities, the RM-Tec Spod & Marker Braid is perfect for dealing with the abuse of repeated casts with fully loaded spods and enthusiastic feature finding. The lack of any stretch transmits all the humps & bumps that could otherwise be missed with a monofilament marker set-up, while the high buoyancy ensures an almost instant pick up and easy retrieval, vital when introducing large quantities of bait at range.

  • 0.23mm diameter
  • 20lb / 9.1kg breaking strain
  • 300m spool
  • RidgeMonkey Hi-Vis

RRP: £24.99 / €29.99