Tyler O’Flynn

AGE: 20

LOCATION: Basildon

PB: 32lb 8oz

EURO PB: 42lb 2oz

FAVOURITE VENUE: Have a few favourites but I really enjoyed fishing my local club water last year



INTERESTS: Fishing of course, photography, many other sports and reptiles

INFLUENCES: Family. It it wasn’t for my family and there time I wouldn’t be able to get the the places I have during my fishing career. Also Dave Levy. Dave was the one who really stepped things up for me a good few years back and it’s just gone on from there

FAVOURITE MUSIC: Most kinds of music

DISLIKES: Jellied Eels. First thing that I though of!



I still remember it all like it was yesterday. When I was about 10 years old it was hard work trying to get my dad out fishing. I started off as many people did on a little whip catching loads of roach, Rudd and perch and enjoying the sport. After catching a few bigger species we stepped up the gear and started fishing for just carp. With dad knowing Dave Levy from the boxing gym Dave took me under his wing and carp fishing just got better from that day. Catching my first even 20lber from churchgate was like a dream come true.

This year has been a bit slow for myself due to being very busy with work it’s hard to find the time at the moment. I have got a ticket on Essex Carp Syndicates The Rise this year so I’m hoping have A few from there.