Tammy Oakes

AGE: 37

LOCATION: Wiltshire

PB: 38lb 3oz

EURO PB: 65lb 8oz

FAVOURITE VENUE: Linch Hill Fisheries

FAVOURITE BAIT: TX1 Tiger Nut with Hemp and Corn

FAVOURITE RIG: Ronnie or German

INTERESTS: Fishing and working, as all my spare time I’m on the bank

INFLUENCES: My husband as he taught me everything and it’s great competition when we get out

FAVOURITE MUSIC: 90s Dance/80s pop





I’ve been fishing for 10 years now and have had the pleasure of fishing for Wales in an international competition.

I like to think that my style of fishing is being different.

I’m not a typical girly girl as I work on a building site and spend most of my time on the bank, but I will always have my makeup bag and brush with me fishing lol.

I like to visit lots of day ticket waters as these venues are open to anyone if you see me on the bank come and say hi.