Simon McCabe

ROLE: RidgeMonkey Creative Director

AGE: 46

LOCATION: Coggeshall, Essex

PB: 38lb 12oz

EURO PB: 55lb 6oz


FAVOURITE BAIT: SpottedFin Catalyst


INTERESTS: Art, film, Star Wars, piano and of course… fishing.

INFLUENCES: My dad & Dave Levy

FAVOURITE MUSIC: Foo Fighters, Pink Floyd, JK, all ol’skool hip hop, Thomas Newman, Zero7, Debussy… and so on.

DISLIKES: Loud people & Love Island



First and foremost, I’m a creative head. I make pretty things and do arty stuff – #bangs&whistles. Secondly, I’m a team leader with 25 years experience under my loose belt. I take my job pretty seriously but am always up for a laugh (at someone else’s expense of course).

I’ve absorbed every aspect of the creative industry from print to pixel, from code to canvas – if it’s visual, I’ll do it. My art teacher, Pete (1st name terms), gave me the best piece of advice.

“Once you’ve mastered something, master something else. Stay hungry.”

And that’s what I did. Learning is a gift… and a gift that I completely squandered as a kid. Now I’m a big boy (lol) I get to use all my skills, passions and knowledge and feed the beast that is RidgeMonkey.

I love good brand, I love my family, I love fishing, I love good people… what more could a man ask for?