Ryan Wickens

AGE: 21

LOCATION: Snodland, Kent

PB: 45lb 10lb

EURO PB: 53lb 12lb

FAVOURITE VENUE: A weedy membership lake in Snodland on the Kingfisher Complex called Pads

FAVOURITE BAIT: Proper carp baits crunchy nut

FAVOURITE RIG: Ronnie rig or Multi rig

INTERESTS: Carp fishing



DISLIKES: People that have no respect for the lake their fishing and the people that fish it



I’ve been fishing for as long as I can remember. Starting off on the float catching roach, rudd and the odd tench. My dad then taught me everything I needed to know to go fishing by myself. I fished many lakes at a young age each being a different difficulty which taught me how to fish in any situation.
I try to fish at least 2 nights a week and make the most of every opportunity I can. I am currently fishing a local syndicate targeting a 40+ common which has avoided me for the past 2 years. I’m hoping that will change this autumn.