Perry Alabaster

AGE: 47

LOCATION: Royston, Hertfordshire

PB: 54lb 4oz

EURO PB: 61lb 12oz

FAVOURITE VENUE: Any venue home or abroad that hold big carp


FAVOURITE RIG: Stiff hinged rig

INTERESTS: Watching my son play for Royston U16’s. Following Stevenage and Arsenal FC around the country. Holidaying abroad with the family.

INFLUENCES: My late Grandparents. Their words of wisdom are always with me

FAVOURITE MUSIC: I’m not a huge music fan but I don’t mind a bit of 80’s cheese and rave stuff

DISLIKES: Negativity towards fishing (on social media). Self obsessed people (on social media). Bream, seagulls, swans, floating weed, coffee, impoliteness, Tottenham Hotspur’s, my beer belly.



I started fishing as a smalll child, catching minnow with a tiny telescopic rod from a local stream. From there I moved onto fishing the river Lee for all manor of species before getting into carp fishing in the late 90’s. After several doubles and twenties from various day ticket waters I moved onto syndicate waters where I began to land the odd thirty and forty as well as the more than welcome smaller carp. In the 2007/8 season I was fortunate enough to bank three different fish over the magical 50lb barrier including a 107lb brace on a windy, January morning. The larger of that brace is still my pb today. From then onwards I really had the bug for targeting big carp so I fished several circuit waters doing my best to chalk off as many ‘a-team’ fish as possible. In 2012 I had a lovely surprise when Bev at Carp-Talk magazine contacted me to say I’d won the east regions ‘angler of the year’ competition. I’d also claimed runner up in the Fox/Mainline CAOTY comp that season which all ironically lead me to getting my first bait deal with DNA baits, the bait I still use today.

Although I still love chasing big carp, my fishing has always been planned around my family life so time on the bank is usually limited to 48 hours per week maximum, that’s if I get out at all. Fortunately my work does allow me to pick n chose when I want to fish so after watching my boy play football each Sunday, I can often slip off to the lake for a night or two.

My sons passion for football means he has no interest in fishing but his slightly younger sister in mad keen and I love taking her when I can. She’s caught a few doubles and loves every minute when we fish together so with her getting what it’s all about and a very understanding wife, I think I have the balance just right!

When I joined the RidgeMonkey team in 2018 I was a little nervous about changing the things that were already working for me but since converting to the RM hooks, hook links, mainline etc I’ve banked a couple more 50’s which has sent my confidence in the range through the roof!!!!!!!!