Nathan Jackson

AGE: 29

LOCATION: Manchester

PB: 42lb 10oz

EURO PB: 62lb



FAVOURITE RIG: Standard bottom bait rig

INTERESTS: Fishing, dog’s, football and family are my main interest

INFLUENCES: My grandad as without him I would of never got into fishing

FAVOURITE MUSIC: Bits of everything

DISLIKES: Not many dislike in the fishing world just ppl with no angling etiquette



I’ve fished all over the uk but living in Manchester doesn’t helpful thing’s I’ve been driving 170 mile just to get to the lake’s I fish for the last 8 year’s now but I’m use to it I’ve done it that many time’s.The last couple of season’s I’ve been on stoneacres in Oxford an had two different 40’s to make my tally of uk 40’s up to 7!! I’ve also had good few 30’s up to 38 from the 49 acre pit! Next season I’m looking for a new challenge and would dearly love to catch my first uk 50!!