Max Cottis

AGE: Old enough to remember when we had to make everything for carp fishing

LOCATION: Essex… when not somewhere in Europe

PB: 49.15 Mirror (rarest carp in the country)

EURO PB: Shoulders from Abbey Lakes at 94.04

FAVOURITE VENUE: The one I’m fishing at the time

FAVOURITE BAIT: Anything Mainline cos your guaranteed to know its gonna slay em!

FAVOURITE RIG: The one catching me the most carp at the time…. nearly always a variant of the stiff hinge!

INTERESTS: Fishing, football and my family… not necessarily in that order either!

INFLUENCES: Rod Hutchinson and Martin Locke. Two of the most talented anglers every to grace the banks at Savay!

FAVOURITE MUSIC: Varied… but I do like a bit of Country

DISLIKES: Questionnaires, filling in angler profiles!






Having been around the block, I currently do all my fishing across Europe having first ventured into Holland in the late 70’s before switching my attentions to France in the mid 80’s and Cassien in May 85.