Laura Coe

AGE: 29

LOCATION: Sheffield

PB: 23lb 12oz

EURO PB: Yet to make the venture but got plenty of places lined up

FAVOURITE VENUE: Love to tackle the canals or any free fishing venues park lakes etc

FAVOURITE BAIT: Dynamite Baits

FAVOURITE RIG: Multi Rig or KD Rig

INTERESTS: Fishing, being outdoors, dogs, spending time with family and friends and cooking

INFLUENCES: John Lam for getting me into the sport and teaching me all I know

FAVOURITE MUSIC: A bit of everything really

DISLIKES: John’s bivvy farts



I have been angling now for the past 6 years after meeting John, I have always been an outdoor kind of girl competing in a variety of different events with dogs but fishing is now my main passion, love to get out on the bank with any free time I have, for me size of the fish doesn’t matter as I catch them for what they are not what they weigh, there all unique characters in their own way and if a p.b pops up it’s a bonus, catch what you can.