Keith Pickett

AGE: 39

LOCATION: Royal Tunbridge Wells

PB: 44lb 4oz

EURO PB: 59lb 10oz

FAVOURITE VENUE: Chilham Mill, Kent



INTERESTS: Carp fishing, football and golf

INFLUENCES: Dad, Rod Hutchinson and John Wilson


DISLIKES: Spicy food



Fishing is all I can remember growing up. From the moment I could stand and hold a rod I was hooked! I was about 4 years old, going with my Dad, fishing with a single rod and targeting anything that came along, from Roach to Bream, Tench and Eels. Until the day I caught my first Carp and that’s when it call changed. I very quickly got obsessed with catching Carp. As the years passed I would pester my parents to take me to various lakes at every opportunity, evenings, after school, weekends. I just wanted to be out there chasing the Carp.

Then I turned 17, got my driving license and I could go when and where I wanted, game changer! It was at this point I started to explore the world of syndicate fishing. From 17 to 30 I fished a good chunk of local syndicates, catching many of the special Carp they held. This included fish reaching the 40+ bracket and many 30+. I also did 2 trips abroad each year, adding fish to high 50’s to my catches. As I turned 30 I was engaged to my now wife Kirsty and we were expecting our first child, things changed from there onwards and I had to adapt my fishing to fit with family life. Something had to give and I decided that would be my French trips, along with cutting my time on the bank to 4-6 nights per month. Over the next few years our family grew and I now have 4 lovely children (hoping at least one of them will get the bug too) and my own building firm.

Juggling Carp fishing with my other commitments became hard but I still managed to do it., even travelling as far as Cambridgeshire, joining Monks Pitt syndicate which is a good 2.5 hours drive from my home in Kent. I soon moved my fishing down into the heart of Kent, on the edge of Canterbury where I joined Chilham Mill syndicate. Here I spent 3 years and was lucky enough to have many of the carp it held, including my current English PB of 44lbs 4oz. Then a great opportunity came my way and I now run a 50 man syndicate on the Chilston Stour Lake. This is where I currently focus all of my fishing time and I have already managed to catch a few of the lakes stunning residents but there are many more for me to target……