Katie Wright

AGE: 30+

LOCATION: Chelmsford

PB: 25lb 8oz

FAVOURITE VENUE: Great Windsor Park



INTERESTS: Being outdoors, the gym, cars and anything girly

INFLUENCES: My parents

FAVOURITE MUSIC: Depends on my mood

DISLIKES: Animal cruelty, mosquitoes and brussel sprouts


During the summer holidays I’d sit on the rocks for hours with a net in one hand and a bucket in the other chasing gobies around a rock pool. It was clear from then that I had the patience and passion for fishing, but I wouldn’t turn into an angler for many years to come.

After University I got the opportunity to be graphic designer for Total Carp. It wasn’t until Max Hendry and Dan Murrell started at the company, that they were shocked to hear that I’d never been out on the bank during the 10 years I’d already worked on the magazine. A few years ago things changed from then on, I was taken out on features and they helped me catch my first ever carp. Every opportunity I get now I’m dying to get my rods out in a bid to catch a new PB. If I’m not fishing; chances are I’ll either be enjoying the great outdoors somewhere, shopping, getting my nails painted or drinking Prosecco (I can be girly too)!

Now working for Ridgemonkey,  I’m looking forward to many more adventures, and plenty of carp!