Jasper Berkulo

AGE: 37

LOCATION: IJsselstein

PB: 55lb 3oz (Dutch)

EURO PB: 88lb 4oz

FAVOURITE VENUE: Rainbow, France


FAVOURITE RIG: Multi rig and for pop ups hinge stiff rig

INTERESTS: Feyenoord and fishing

FAVOURITE MUSIC: All sorts of music, U2 is really good

DISLIKES: Dishonest people



I started fishing at a young age. My dad and grandad took me to fish on roach.

After a while they took me with them to fish on carp, most time stalking. Around 1993 I start fishing with alarms and also night fishing. The last 10 years I do a lot of fishing outside Holland most time in France. The most important thing of fishing for me is still to have pleasure and enjoy nature.