James Potter

AGE: 30


PB: 42lb 8oz

FAVOURITE VENUE: Anywhere with big carp

FAVOURITE BAIT: A good quality fishmeal

FAVOURITE RIG: Hinge stiff rig

INTERESTS: Gym, good food, coffee and BC

INFLUENCES: The one and only Terry Hearn

FAVOURITE MUSIC: Mood dependant

DISLIKES: Busy lakes



I’ve been fishing for about 22 years now. I started fishing on a little lake close to home. It was every Saturday I used to get dropped off and before the car had even stopped the gear was on my back and I was off in pursuit of these massive carp (3/4lb). I spent many Saturday’s watching older lads bag up but for me it was always the same result, a blank. It got to the point I didn’t look forward to being picked up because I’d get the same question ‘did you catch anything’ followed by the same reply ‘nope’. One Saturday I decided to push the boundaries and ignore my phone call off mum to say she was here. As she was walking round the tip of my 9foot Argos feeder rod hooped round and I landed a small common of around 3lb, I think it was my sheer happiness that stopped me getting a bollocking. The smile didn’t fade for a good few weeks and I knew then that this was what I wanted to do, the fire that was lit that day will never go out.