Harry Willats

AGE: 16

LOCATION: Wickford

PB: 31lb

EURO PB: 37lb


FAVOURITE BAIT: Urban Baits Red Spicy Fish

FAVOURITE RIG: My favourite rig has to be the Slip “D” rig with a size 4 beaked point

INTERESTS: My interests include Carp Fishing (obviously), photography, videography and seeing mates

INFLUENCES: My Grandad, Dave Levy, Bear Grylls and many more…

FAVOURITE MUSIC: I love pretty much all music

DISLIKES: Mozzies, they won’t leave me alone!



Ever since I was young I’ve never really been a kid who can sit there in front of an XBOX or PlayStation all day. I used to have a fascination with survival, building Dens and making campfires. It was when I found Carp Fishing that It all really made sense…

My fishing life started back when I was about 10-11 years old when My Grandad started to bring me along to his club lakes In Essex and I’d always be going round the lake asking people what they had caught and what bait they were using (I must have done their heads in LOL) I remember I’d always come back with a little tip or maybe someone kind enough had given me some of their bait to try. Even on the days that we struggled we would always manage one right at last knockings at what we called the “whitching hour” using a new set of tactics that I had learnt during the day.

After a couple years of fishing with my Grandad when I was about the age of 13 I finally had enough fishing gear to start venturing out on my own adventures and what a summer that was ! Everyday after school I’d rush home from school grab my barrow and make it to the local park lake as quick as possible to make sure I got the best swim out of all my friends. We caught loads from that park lake and also used to see Dave Levy walking round every night with his little dog Nelly. He would always help us start catching if we were all struggling and he’s helped me out with my fishing ever since.

After a year or so of Fishing day tickets and park lakes and refining my skills I decided it was time to get my self an intermediate ticket on my local club water which meant I could finally do nights on my own ! It wasn’t an easy water by any means and I was well out of my depth but after a good few sessions and getting adivice from other anglers on the lake I finally managed to catch a few fish including my first ever 20lbs plus mirror at 29.4lbs ! Everything just went up hill from there, a couple years down the line I even managed my first 30 from there at 31lbs ! It was the lake I learnt the most about carp fishing on and will always be a special place to me.

After coming onboard with RidgeMonkey nearly 2 years ago I have progressed massively in my angling and couldn’t be thankful enough to everyone who has supported me in my journey so far and I’m buzzing to see what the rest of my Carp fishing life has In store for me…