Dan Maslanka

AGE: 35


PB: 34lb 8oz

EURO PB: 36lb 5oz

FAVOURITE VENUE: Braxted Back Lake / Wicks Mere

FAVOURITE BAIT: Anything I can get my hands on

FAVOURITE RIG: Ronnie / Stiff Hinge

INTERESTS: Photography, Videography and Design

INFLUENCES: Parents, Tony Stark and quite a few in the photo/media world

FAVOURITE MUSIC: From Backstreet Boys to Metallica

DISLIKES: Love Island, Big Brother, poor camera work and wanna be’s


Creative & Marketing Manager at RidgeMonkey.

Published & Award winning Photographer, Designer, Videographer.  I have been lucky to work in creative industries for 15 years – from printing to design agencies.

I enjoy my time outside when i can, whether that is with my camera or rods. Relaxing and enjoying social company is a bonus.

Instagram: @danmasphoto