Ben Francis

AGE: 26

LOCATION: Southminster

PB: 32lb 10oz

EURO PB: 42lb 8oz

FAVOURITE VENUE: A quiet stretch of river in the middle of nowhere



INTERESTS: Fishing, travelling and enjoying life outdoors

INFLUENCES: There’s too many to name, but i like to take positive influence from all my peers in some way, shape or form.

FAVOURITE MUSIC: Anything outrageously cheesy




I’m the EU Brand Manager here at RidgeMonkey and my day to day role involves interacting with our numerous distributors across the globe and rolling out our international brand development strategy.

I’m fortunate enough to balance a healthy work/fishing relationship and I often have the opportunity to explore venues across Europe whilst attending meetings overseas. When I’m in the UK, I prefer to spend my time fishing my local stretches of river as there is miles and miles of water to explore where I’ll rarely see another angler. Angling to me is about relaxing and enjoying natural surroundings, busy day tickets and competitive circuit waters are most definitely not my cup of tea. I angle to switch off from the world and I’m happy to catch carp of all sizes, I’d never class myself as a ‘big carp angler’ it’s just not what I desire, I enjoy the experience of angling and particular captures more than a weight.