Andy Mulholland

INSTAGRAM: @andy.mulholland1291

HOMETOWN: Altrincham, Cheshire

UK PB: 52lb 6oz

EURO PB: 64lb 8oz

FAVOURITE VENUE: Acton Burnell/ The Mangrove

FAVOURITE RIG: Blowback or Ronnie

INTERESTS: Family, football & fishing

FAVOURITE RIDGEMONKEY PRODUCT: Really! Try and choose one! Dead heat… Advanced Boilie Crusher/ Ape-X Hooks

Party Trick: Nothing entertaining but for a little old man I can sure knock out a healthy plank!

Nickname: Mull


  • Andy Mulholland Carp Fishing
  • Andy Mulholland Carp Fishing
  • Andy Mulholland Carp Fishing
  • Andy Mulholland Carp Fishing


Afraid to say it but I certainly find myself in the ‘autumn’ of my carp fishing journey, having caught my first double figured carp in 1980!!! But the passion still burns as brightly as ever. Even after more nights than I care to remember, if I plan to arrive at a venue at dawn I can never sleep the night before and usually end up wandering around the lake in the pitch black dark waiting for the first signs of life … and I still spill my brew whenever the buzzer sounds! That’s what carp fishing gives you. 

I never lose sight of the fact that for 99% of lads out fishing it’s just a hobby… a bloody wonderful hobby that nobody outside of the angling world ever fully understands and it’s an absolute pleasure to share it all with you guys! Let’s see if I can squeeze another 20 years out of it!