Alex Macdonald

AGE: 18

LOCATION: Nuneaton

PB: 29lb 6oz

EURO PB: 38lb 7lb



FAVOURITE RIG: Simple bottom bait rig

INTERESTS: Everything to do with fishing

INFLUENCES: Angling influence is Terry Hearn. Biggest influence is family

FAVOURITE MUSIC: Like a bit of everything, can’t beat house though

DISLIKES: Negativity



All started for me about 10 years back fishing down the local canals,rivers and pond with my dad, getting used to playing landing and unhooking fish. I didnt really get on the carp scene until I was 14, started off fishing local commercial fisheries catching back then what I thought were ‘big fish’ throughout that year I caught a lot of fish nothing massive but confidence was going through the roof. I started to night fish with a few lads mostly weekends, again everything was still a learning curve every session I’d pick up on something new. Couple years down the line I started going more and more on my own fishing a lot of well known waters in the Midlands, Lavender Hall, Hopsford Hall and local club water I enjoyed my time one everyone of these waters. At the end my exams in 2016 it was my first trip overseas catching numerous carp to 38lb 7oz. It wasn’t until the last season on my club water where I done a handful of nights for a pretty good head of fish including the pb to date.

Taking a leap into my carp fishing this year so far, joined a new syndicate with some lovely fish had a couple of the a-team members in very short time, not done as much as id like to have but I’ve caught a couple of fish. Looking forward to what i have planned for the Autumn/Winter.

Main things for me is just get out there and enjoy yourself.