Phoebe Stuart

AGE: 17

LOCATION: Stanford – Le – Hope

PB: 26lb 14oz

EURO PB: 24lb 12oz


FAVOURITE BAIT: Mainline Activ-8

FAVOURITE RIG: Solid bag rig

INTERESTS: Photography, videography and graphic design

INFLUENCES: My dad, he was the one to get me into fishing and has helped me acheive my dreams ever since.

FAVOURITE MUSIC: Anything really, current pop music as it is always on the radio but I also enjoy listening to old tunes like Bob Marley.

DISLIKES: Although I go fishing I really hate the taste of fish, and this is any type of fish! I can fish for them but not eat them!



“I began fishing when I was 3 years old, I started by sitting on the footplate of my Dads match box catching small roach on a section of pole. It progressed from there, and I started getting more and more into carp fishing. Doing sessions out night fishing with my Mum and Dad at the age of 7, where I also caught my first 20lb carp!

I tried to fish at least 2 nights every week whilst I was in secondary school but that got cut short when I did my GCSE exams last year and I was really limited for time. In a way this helped me because I had to make the most of my time on the bank and therefore used my time more wisely which improved my catch rate.

At the moment I’m studying A-levels in college, my chosen subjects are; media studies, photography and graphic design. My time table for college is quite nice because I’m able to fish most weekends meaning I still get time out on the bank.

Although carp are my main passion, I love fishing for other species throughout the year, my favourites are; cat fish, pike, barbel and chub. It is always great to put away the carp rods and go back to old pole tactics to catch a few roach on maggot too!”