Rock Bottom
Tungsten Sinkers

RRP £3.99 (€4.99) (inc VAT)

Product Features
  • Soft in order to grip your hook link material without damage.
  • Ribs provide excellent adhesion for additional putty if required.
  • Supplied on an ergonomic, RidgeMonkey branded handle.
  • Wires supplied on provide ease of applying them to your chosen hook link material.
  • Available in both large and small.

Rock Bottom Tungsten Sinkers are designed to help pin down your end tackle to the lake bed. They slide easily and directly on to your hooklink or main line, and grip tightly to stay in position during the cast.

Each Sinker is ribbed to provide maximum adhesion for adding tungsten putty when additional weight is required.

Available in both large (9) and small (12) sizes.

Product Code: RM099 / RM100