RRP £5.99 - £6.99 (€7.49 - €8.75) (inc VAT)

Product Features
  • Available in 3oz and 4oz weights
  • Unique shape helps feel the lead down on hard areas and drags more in soft silt
  • Four fins to improve stability in flight
  • Supplied with a swivel
  • Supplied in packs of 2

We know that what you’re fishing over is critical for successful rig presentation, therefore RidgeMonkey Marka Leads have been designed with a unique shaped ‘domed’ nose to aid in feeling the lead down. It also provides the angler with a positive ‘donk’ when it lands on gravel or a hard lake bed. The lead also creates greater resistance when dragging through soft silt, or sliding across smooth sand.

Available in 3oz and 4oz weights.

Product Code: 3oz – RMT376 / 4oz – RMT375