D-Rig Kickers

RRP £4.85 (inc VAT)

Product Features
  • Create perfect D-Rigs easily
  • Anti-Eject properties increase hooking efficiency
  • Available in weed green and organic brown
  • Available in large, medium and small sizes

Simply slide on to the bend and over the eye of the hook to create the perfect D-Rig. Simply add a Rig Ring or Mini Hook Ring Swivel and increase your rig effectiveness.

Product codes: RMT347 (large, green) RMT348 (large, brown) RMT349 (medium, green) RMT350 (medium, brown) RMT351 (small, green) RMT352 (small, brown)

Product Specification
  • Small are suitable for hook sizes 10-12
  • Medium are suitable for hook sizes 6-8
  • Large are suitable for hook sizes 2-4