Rob Marsh

AGE: 49

LOCATION: Royal Tunbridge Wells

PB: 60lb 6oz

EURO PB: 63lb 12oz




INTERESTS: Massive Arsenal fan and have season tickets with my son fletcher so we attend all the home games we can!

INFLUENCES: Rod Hutchinson, Chris Yates and Rob Maylin

FAVOURITE MUSIC: Wide selection from Mumford & Sons to Chase Status

DISLIKES: Anglers that can not be happy for other anglers to catch!



I have been fishing since I was 5 and first started carp fishing some 43 years ago. The early years I would learn a lot from books and magazines and older anglers on the bank gaining as much information as I could! The obsession grew steadily and by my early twenties I was catching consistently from local park lakes to silty estate lake to big windswept pits! I was given a consultancy deal with mainline baits in the late 90’s which saw me go on to start in the match carp scene and I ended up being the captain of the mainline team one of the most successful teams in carp match fishing I started to venture to foreign waters in search of large carp from all over Europe. I was the first English angler to catch 50lb+ carp from 3 different countries. Around 5 years ago I retired from the match scene to concentrate back on my big carp fishing and with my son Fletcher taking up the sport I have spent the last couple of years showing him along the way!

In 2017 I joined the Ridgemonkey team I could see from the beginning that the brand was going to become a major player in the game and was very pleased to join such a strong team!