Max Leggett

AGE: 23
UK PB: 36lb 5oz
EURO PB: 37lb 12oz
FAVOURITE BAIT: White pop up
FAVOURITE RIG: Ronnie Rig with a size 4 Curved Shank hook
INTERESTS: Fishing, Videography/Photography, Gaming And Beer
INFLUENCES: My Dad for getting me into the sport initially, if it wasn’t for him taking me fishing for the first time when I was young, who knows where I’d be now!
FAVOURITE MUSIC: All sorts.. D&B, House, 80s, Rap, Dubstep.. whatever suits to the day I’m having!
DISLIKES: Negativity, Jealousy & New Potatoes


It’s crazy to look back to the day my Dad took me down the local river when I was young with a little spinning rod for Perch, experiencing the fishing world for the first time. Now I’m lucky enough to be in the media department at RidgeMonkey as a Content Creator. I enjoy the videography side, getting on the bank experiencing and filming new and exciting things. I also love editing in the office working collectively as a team to produce better and better content that will hopefully help and inspire as many people as possible!

I’m an angler that doesn’t take things too seriously. For me it’s all about ultimately having a good time, making memories, fish for experiences not as a necessity. I’d like to try and visit as many places and countries as I can in the foreseeable future, and maybe catch a fish or two along the way.. what ever the species!