Laura Monnier

AGE: 39


PB: 42lb 8oz

EURO PB: 40lb 8oz


FAVOURITE BAIT: Mainline Fyber

FAVOURITE RIG: Ronnie and standard hair rig

INTERESTS: Fishing! Reading and keeping fit

INFLUENCES: My Dad, other female anglers


DISLIKES: People who leave litter on the bank, mushrooms and negative people



I’ve always been around fishing, my Dad was an amazing match and river angler and some of my earliest memories were learning how to tie fly’s and gutting trout!!!  When I first met Martin and he told me he was a carp angler and fished quite a bit, It never bothered me though, that was his passion and I went for a couple of overnighters with him, not fishing just enjoying being outside with him.

It wasn’t until our first wedding anniversary that he took me carp fishing. About ten minutes before we were going to pack up my rod went off and the feeling I had was exhilarating, I don’t even remember playing the fish I was that excited and I landed a beautiful scaly 6-8lb mirror and that was it! I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy in all my life and after that I wanted more and I haven’t looked back since, obsession has well and truly taken over!!!