Jen Garrett

AGE: 32

LOCATION: Crawley, West Sussex

PB: 53lb 6oz

EURO PB: 55lb 13oz

FAVOURITE VENUE: Anywhere with carp in



INTERESTS: Fishing, gaming, motorsports and music

INFLUENCES: My fiancé Craig. I took some persuading to go fishing for the first time, but have been hooked (a rubbish pun I know) ever since. He’s taught me everything I know and there’s no one I’d rather go fishing with

FAVOURITE MUSIC: I have a seriously eclectic taste in music. From Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden, to Disney, 80s, musicals and movie scores! Could not live without music!

DISLIKES: Being stuck in an office all day and tomatoes



When it comes to fishing, I was a latecomer. Coming from a motorsport background from an early age, be it competing, mechanicing or instructing, fishing was never something I thought I’d ever do, let alone love.

After meeting my fiancé whilst racing, he suggested going fishing to try to balance the stress of a weekend’s racing. I took some convincing, thinking I’d be bored and the thought of spending nights in the outdoors with spiders, was somewhat of a turn-off. It only took one session for me to fall in love and when the budget for racing became unachievable, fishing took over…and here we are, fishing whenever we can and even entering matches to allow an outlet for my competitiveness!