Jay Cater

AGE: 38

LOCATION: Chelmsford, Essex

PB: 48lb 10oz

EURO PB: 86lb 8oz

FAVOURITE VENUE: Anywhere that holds huge carp



INTERESTS: Fishing , I dont have time for other hobbies although I do like eating cake

INFLUENCES: John O’Driscol

FAVOURITE MUSIC: Guns and Roses but pretty much listen to anything

DISLIKES: People that say they are giving up fishing due to social media , the carp don’t have facebook they are still the same as they were before social media



My name’s Jay and I have been carp fishing since the age of 12, I started off fishing a small farm pond for roach and rudd and I caught a 4lb mirror and I have been hooked ever since, I now really enjoy fishing for large carp whether that be in the uk or abroad the thrill of knowing I am fishing for some of the biggest fish in the uk and the biggest fish in the world is a real buzz for me and keeps me wanting more.

From a very early age I have been redesigning existing fishing tackle to meet my needs my mates all said I was mad cutting up brand new rod pods but in my opinion I was just making them better , this has led me to now being the product development manager for Ridgemonkey and I’m very proud and honoured to do so.

My fishing is now very varied and I get to fish in the UK maybe four nights a month and I travel to Europe for maybe four weeks a year which I love doing.