Gareth Evans

AGE: 39

LOCATION: Chichester, West Sussex

PB: 48lb 14oz

EURO PB: 72lb

FAVOURITE VENUE: Anywhere that ignites a certain spark

FAVOURITE BAIT: The humble maggot

FAVOURITE RIG: Depends on what species I’m fishing for at the time!!

INTERESTS: I’m a snooker-playing petrolhead that loves all things culinary and also does a spot of fishing from time to time …

INFLUENCES: Far, far too many to list – everyone and everything, in some way, shape or form

FAVOURITE MUSIC: A little bit of everything, variety is the spice of life

DISLIKES: Obnoxity, narrow-mindedness and packing up in the rain – I am now officially a fair-weather angler and proud of it!!



Very much an all-round angler as opposed to a carp addict, I’ve fished for just about every freshwater species the UK has to offer – from tiny sticklebacks to monster catfish and everything in between. As one of those people that just LOVES to learn new skills, mastering different approaches for different species and venues has become a huge part of my angling and has without doubt kept the fire burning deep within – if you look hard enough, there’s always a new challenge just around the corner.

Once a nerd and always a nerd, from an early age I’d often take things apart and rebuild them (sometimes unsuccessfully!) purely to understand the inner workings of an otherwise seemingly mythical entity – from radio-controlled cars to games consoles, BMXs to cars, reels to bite alarms, they’ve all been tinkered with at some point. This knowledge led to an introduction to the RidgeMonkey top banana back in early 2014, tasked with helping to develop a powerpack to bring the angling community kicking & screaming into the 21st century at a time when big heavy lead acid ‘bivvy packs’ using decades old technology were the standard. Just under two years and a whole lot of blood, sweat & tears later, the Vault hit the shelves and the rest, as they say, is history … 

Fast forward to the present day and I now do a little bit of everything within the company, from arranging design protection with the legal team right the way through to bringing some of the latest products to life in front of a video camera: no two days are ever the same and long may it continue!!