Dan Murrell

AGE: 28

LOCATION: Chelmsford

PB: 39lb 8oz

FAVOURITE VENUE: The Big Pit, Bedford


FAVOURITE RIG: Stiff multi-rig with supple boom

INTERESTS: Food, hiking, travelling and too many others to list

INFLUENCES: Everyone who’s better than me, thats a lot of people!

FAVOURITE MUSIC: Reggae, Jungle, Golden Oldies and everything in between!

DISLIKES: People, egos and being hungry!



Originally fishing from an early age, it is fair to say I served my apprenticeship fishing on the float for whatever swam my way. Years later I found the opportunity to take up carp fishing at 17 when I visited Linear Fisheries on work experience, lets just say with the help of a few friends and being mostly self taught it was certainly a steep learning curve.

At 22 I started working at Total Carp as editorial assistant and soon found myself in the fortunate position of Editor before finishing the chapter of five and half years to begin work for RidgeMonkey! The biggest lesson I learned when at Total Carp was simply those who enjoy fishing, will go no matter what, the free bait, free tackle and other perks many sponsored anglers do receive help, but that isn’t what sets them apart, hard work, dedication and passion is all it takes to take your fishing to the next level, and that comes for free!