Dan Hawkes

AGE: 32

LOCATION: Canterbury, Kent

PB: 45lb 14oz

EURO PB: 66lb

FAVOURITE VENUE: Chilham Mill, Kent


FAVOURITE RIG: The right rig in the right situation, venue and terrain dependant

INTERESTS: Football, family time, eating chicken wing challenges

INFLUENCES: My Grandad, my rock my wife

FAVOURITE MUSIC: A man of many tastes. reggae, indie karaoke classics

DISLIKES: Arsenal, Arsene Wenger Coots, tuffties



UK Sales Manager For Ridgemonkey. Have worked in the angling industry for nearly 10 years. Passionate angler been fishing for over 20 years.

Enjoy Fishing home and abroad. Currently have Syndicate tickets in Essex at The Rise and in Kent Fishing Tonford , The Swan. I have been fortunate to land 20 50+ carp since October. I have caught 50lb+ fish from Croatia , France , Hungary and Italy. Angling highlights include landing 109 carp in a week in Italy at Parco Del Brenta and catching Chilly’s Fish from Chilham Mill and an Ancient Kent Carp called The Rasta From Mid Kent Fisheries swan Lake. Keep an eye on my profile to see if I can land a much sought after 40lb Fully Scaled Mirror…. Lets Hope so.

Tight Lines , Be Lucky