Chris Cox

AGE: 29

LOCATION: West Drayton

PB: 50lb 6oz

EURO PB: They don’t count lol!

FAVOURITE VENUE: The one I’m fishing at the moment


FAVOURITE RIG: Curve shank blow back rig with a balanced hookbait

INTERESTS: Fishing, football and shooting

INFLUENCES: Terry Hearn, who else!


DISLIKES: Negativity and nastiness in angling



My angling began with a whip and some maggots on the grand union canal and soon after it was carp that took precedence over most other species. I began serious carp angling much older than most other anglers and didn’t really fish at all during my school youth but I’m making up for lost time ! I cut my teeth on a small water called Mayfields run by Boyer Leisure before moving on to the water next door Rodney Meadow. Catching carp is something I thoroughly enjoy and outwitting the tricky residents in some of our great English waters is something quite enthralling! Following on from there I had stints on the Horton complex fishing the infamous Horton Church lake and its neighbours Kingsmead 1 and boat pool. After being lucky enough to catch a number of carp I dearly wanted I switched counties completely and am now finding myself travelling to Essex for my current endeavours! Wish me luck!