Ashley Izzard

AGE: 22


PB: 39lb 10oz

EURO PB: 27lb

FAVOURITE VENUE: Linear Fisheries

FAVOURITE BAIT: Whatever I can catch the fish on

FAVOURITE RIG: Zig rigs/solid bags

INTERESTS: Gym, outdoors and being active

INFLUENCES: My dad he was the one who got me in to fishing and where I am today

FAVOURITE MUSIC: Depends what mood I’m in

DISLIKES: Forgetting my radio while fishing



It all began when I was four years old my dad taking me out for a few hours float fishing down a local lake to us at the time, years went past where we would go most weekends and school holidays and so on, float fishing and feeder fishing . It wasn’t till the age 6 years old I caught my first carp and from that moment I was hooked. My dad then started taking me carp fishing, and taught me everything I know today.

I try to get in as much fishing as possible around busy a life and working a shift pattern , even if it’s only for a few hours down a lake , it’s better than nothing.

Within the last 4 to 5 years I have got massively in to the competition side of things by entering a number of carp matches, the BCAC, British Carp cup and a couple across the water . Most of my fishing is around the carp fishing match scene, always chopping and changing to get that extra bite or two and being proactive in my fishing. If I’m not in a match I’m practicing on the waters for the matches. Since I’ve been entering competitions I have had a few podium places such as 2nd and 3rd place and so I am looking for one better next time.

Once the matches are over I turn all my force on a few local club waters I fish