Andrew Mulholland

AGE: 52

LOCATION: Altrincham, Cheshire

PB: 52lb 6oz

EURO PB: 64lb 8oz



FAVOURITE RIG: Anything simple

INTERESTS: Watching any sport

INFLUENCES: Hutchy, K Maddocks and P Springate

FAVOURITE MUSIC: Too numerous to list

DISLIKES: Rudeness and bullying



Unfortunately I easily fall into the category of “old school” angler having fished for carp for over 40 years!! During that time as you can imagine I’ve lived through and seen it all, from a “side hooked boiled potato” to the angling “juggernaut” we have today. I’ve been lucky enough to fish some of the Countries finest waters and shared the company of the “who’s who” of the carp world, and I enjoy my fishing today more than ever, my chosen venue for this year being the legendary Mangrove Swamp!!

I’d like to think my angling strength’s are doing the simple things well and watercraft, a skill that can’t really be taught but something you gain with experience. I also love the ultimate challenge of winter carp fishing and historically most of my more memorable captures have come during the “bleak” months. My P.B Common of 52.6 being caught on the 10th February, 2012 and I can remember it like it was yesterday!! Something our mutual love of carp gives you is a lifetime of memories, embrace it!!

Be lucky and hopefully see you on the bank sometime.