Using the Bivvy Lite Duo for night shots with Greg Ellis
Top tips for great night-time images

Some great tips from Greg Ellis on setting up the Bivvy Lite Duo for night shots without the flash:

1. Get the light nice and high if you're not using any flash at all (if using the flash in conjunction with the light, it can be slightly lower).

2. Have the light either level with or ideally behind the camera to avoid glare.

3. Make sure you're against a background of foliage (this is a great tip for all night shots, however they're lit).

4. A standard 30-40mm lens will allow a perfect distance for the light and camera to work in harmony.

5. Experiment!! What works for one camera may not work for another - some cameras work best with the Bivvy Lite on dim and the flash doing most of the work, others work better with no flash and the Bivvy Lite on high providing all of the illumination. The only way to find out is to have a go and see what works best for you!!

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