Spooling up with RM-Tec Mono and Fluoro Mainlines

With the amount of conflicting information that's available at the click of a button or turn of a page these days, it's easy to make the task of loading a fixed spool fishing reel far more difficult than it actually needs to be. For excellent results every time when spooling up with either RM-Tec Mono or RM-Tec Fluoro, follow the simple step-by-step guide below!!

1) Soak the RM-Tec spool in warm water for 10-15 minutes: the warmth softens the line slightly which helps to achieve perfect line lay. The whole spool should be completely submerged - weigh it down with a couple of spare lead weights if necessary.

2) Position the spool onto it's side (still in the water) or slide a bankstick through the middle and have a glamorous assistant hold both ends. The spool should be able to rotate freely.

3) Attach the tag end to the reel spool and wind the new line through your fingers, keeping a constant steady tension. Fill the reel to approximately 1mm below the spool lip.

4) Before use, have a few casts with a bare lead to "bed in" your new RM-Tec mainline.

A full video tutorial featuring RidgeMonkey Pro Dave Levy can be viewed by clicking the image below

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