RidgeMonkey RM-Tec Mainlines: OUT NOW!!

Limited stock of the all new RM-Tec mainlines has started filtering it's way out to our retail network, just in time for the weekend!! Developed in conjunction with Carp Talk/Mainline Carp Angler of the Year Dave Levy and former distance casting World Record holder Terry Edmonds, the RM-Tec lines have been put through their paces by our expansive testing team across Europe – from 1 acre ponds to 10,000 acre+ inland seas and big snaggy rivers, they have been a keystone in landing fish to over 70lb from multiple countries. Conservatively rated, the RM-Tec lines will break well above the stated breaking strains when used with a well tied knot and have performed without fault throughout the final testing stage.

RM-Tec Mono

Sinking monofilament mainline with excellent casting qualities and low stretch, supplied on massive 1200 metre spools. RM-Tec Mono mainline is the perfect all-rounder for almost any fishing situation, from an underarm lob in the edge to extreme distances on an inland sea. A great low maintenance fishing line with high abrasion resistance and low memory.

1200m spool available in clear, brown and green in 0.35mm (12lb/5.4kg), 0.38mm (15lb/6.8kg) and 0.42mm (18lb/8.2kg) breaking strain.

RRP: £18.99

RM-Tec Fluoro

Sinking fluorocarbon coated mainline with superior casting qualities and very low stretch, ideal for fishing heavily pressured waters with spooky fish that have seen it all – the high density allows the line to hug the bottom contours, remaining undetected by the target species while still retaining the casting qualities of a standard monofilament: the perfect middle ground between weight and castability. High abrasion resistance and low memory.

1000m spool available in 0.33mm (15lb/6.8kg) and 0.37mm  (20lb/9.1kg) breaking strain

RRP: £24.99

Full RM-Tec range of end tackle to follow shortly: keep an eye on www.ridgemonkey.co.uk and our social media channels for further updates!!

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